Past Projects


In 2007, Johan Hjärpe and I made "Barbarian Onslaught", a simple hack-n-slash game. This is our very first flash game and it shows. It's available on to play.

Barbarian Onslaught


2007-2008 I finished "Squareblox", a flash puzzle game. I uploaded it on my newgrounds account once but decided to delete it later because I wasn't happy about it. But it's still available on other sites.



Late 2008 or something Johan Hjärpe and I completed "Johnny & Boris". A multiplayer-platform-shooter flash game we never released. It had too many problems. Choose to play one or two players on the same computer against each other or against bots. Anyway, it gave birth to the idea of "Superfighters" and how that should be.

Johnny & Boris


Early 2009 I finished a flash game using the Box2D library for flash. I call the game "RollerBoaster" and it's available on The goal is simple: roll to the goal as fast as you can to earn medals on each stage. My primary goal was to learn how to use the Box2D library and somehow I managed to make a game out of it.



During 2009, Johan Hjärpe and I completed "Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel", a flash game. A special thanks to hzlancer for his music we used in the game. You can play the game on It certainly was a good experience how to make a game from scratch, starting with the design on paper to the final result.


After the creation of Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel, Johan Hjärpe and I decided to create "Superfighters" after months of brainstorming. We also decided to use the Box2D library for this game. We completed Superfighters in 2011 and it's now available to play on as a flash game.



During my studies at Mälardalen University Sweden I have done some other game related projects aswell. 

This is a project in which a friend and I used C/C++ and the SDL library to make a working game prototype. You can't do much more than explore an isometric world but it worked nice and we had no memory leaks.


I have also made a ray tracer with another student using C/C++ and OpenGL in a course about computer graphics. We managed to implement spheres and planes, anti-aliasing, light-sources, hard shadows and reflections. In the later course Parallel Systems another student and I converted this ray tracer into a parallel ray tracer using Nvidia CUDA. A scene that earlier took 50 seconds to render now took less than a second to run.


Dirty Nasty Mongrels was the project name for a XNA game project I was involved in. We were a group of about 5 students working on this project. It was a 3D game with pixilated graphics and billboards facing the camera. We also had 3D models and not only billboards. Sadly, all the level content for this game got deleted after the course ended (by accident) so there's not much to show. The idea was to control a small squad of 4 soldiers by giving them commands and complete different missions using different tactics.


Another XNA game project I was involved in, 5 students in total worked on this projects. It was a RPG game but we didn't come far. At least you could kill things, advance in "level" and have a dialogue with different characters. The graphics in the prototype was 8-bit inspired.


Here's a multiplayer test I made using XNA and Lidgren.Network library. You can try it out yourself by downloading it from here. My primary goal was to learn more about network games and how they work and how to use the Lidgren.Network library. Here's a video:


I have also made a test using XNA, the Box2D library and Lidgren.Network to sync the physics between a server and a client. I managed to do this without too much trouble and the result is very good (and smooth). To the left is the server and to the right is the client. You interact with the boxes in the server using the mouse and the client shows the same simulation.


This is one of my first tests using Lidgren.Network library. It's pong! One player host, another join by the host's IP address. It's barely playable. Made with XNA.


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